In putty tool, We access others PC by setting the session-> logging and ssh-> tunnel settings with appropriate IP, dynamic port number, etc.But here, I need help regarding how to set these ssh tunnel details Destination: dynamic, IPv4 and source port is 8080 through command line.

Help me to access others pc using ssh through command line with dynamic settings as arguments to putty.


putty is a windows program. I know people running it under wine but this is still a GUI program and not a command-line (i.e. terminal-based) one.

You could use ssh. To specify the port use option -p:

ssh -p 8080 user@host
  • putty tool is well developed for linux also. In ubuntu, we can use without wine. – manikanta Feb 10 '17 at 11:24
  • Oops, apologies, didn't know about that. Will give it a try. – sмurf Feb 11 '17 at 11:29

Save the settings with unique session name in putty tool once per IP, then use this command to connect #putty -load <session_name> -l <pc_loginid> -pw <password>

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