This may be a trivial question for some as I am new to working with Ubuntu Core. Is there a way to get a new public key installed if you don't have a previous method for authenticating?

I had a raspberry pi running from a previous install which had two public keys from my SSO account installed. The problem is that I needed to access the device from a new machine which uses a public key that is not in the authorized_keys directory and I could no longer use a previous machine that was authorized to update this file.

Is there a way to do this , given that by nature username/password authentication is disabled ? The only way I could find to recover is to re-image the device and go through console setup again where it re-imports the public keys (including my new one) from my SSO account. I feel I'm missing something. Thanks.

  • You're not missing anything, this sounds like bug #1646559. – Kyle Feb 8 '17 at 15:49

A few suggestions all referenced in one location (here):

How do I add SSH Keys to authorized_keys file?

Can't login to Ubuntu Core 16 using a second ssh key

[SOLVED] Cannot ssh into Ubuntu Core 16

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