Some days ago I asked a question about getting free space and found a solution. But after solving this issue my system freezes on a frequent basis in Ubuntu 16.04. I have tried a solution from another question asked on Ask Ubuntu but I ran into another problem - kernel panic after reboot.

At start this message is showing:

KASLR disabled: 'kaslr' not on cmdline (hibernation selected).

And after some time these three screens (1,2,3) are appearing.

I am using HP Probook 440 G3 with dual boot with windows 10. I have checked Windows and it is booting perfectly.


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Hopefully you have an earlier linux kernel installed that does not panic:

  • Press left shift key after power on to reach boot menu as described in the comments: grub2 boot menu

  • select earlier ubuntu linux kernel, with lower version number, than the topmost.

  • when the earlier Ubuntu linux kernel works as wanted, then remove the buggy one with synaptic package manager.

  • But beware: remove the right one and do not install the update to it afterwards.

Hope to be of help!

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    thanks. I've already found the solution from here
    – cst
    Feb 7, 2017 at 14:18

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