I am trying to understand what happened to the conjure openstack spell. When I conjure-up openstack, the only two options that exist are:

Openstack with NovaKVM (this is relatively new)  
Openstack with NovaLXD (this has been around which targets the local install).

I am running:

Ubuntu 16.04 server  
conjure-up 2.1.0-0~201702050449~ubuntu16.04.1  
maas 2.2.0~beta1+bzr5675-0ubuntu1~16.04.1  
juju 2.1-beta5-xenial-amd64

I can't figure out what happened to the original choice of Openstack with MAAS? With that said, I did build a MAAS cloud using juju and force conjure-up to use it (I think the term was headless). Technically it did work BUT... Instead of the original option where it needed 5 nodes - one for the juju controller, and 4 for the remaining openstack services (using containers- which is what I want), it was going to use 17 physical machines. One for the juju controller, and then 16 physical machines to deploy each of the 16 services.

What am I missing?

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So we updated the name to OpenStack with NovaKVM to indicate a normal openstack installation. This name does need some work to also incorporate the use of MAAS.

I've created a bug https://github.com/conjure-up/spells/issues/44 and would love people's input on a better name that incorporates both technologies.

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