I have a solution of a PDE in an executable file called demo_poisson, which I can double click to get the window to open and show the graph of the solution. I think it works with VTK but I'm not sure. The solution is obtained with FEniCS.

Now, in a beamer presentation compiled with TexMaker I want to have a "click here" hyperef to my solution, so that i click it and the solution appears. This is done by using the command

\href{run:demo_poisson}{Click here}

This command works fine for opening PDF files, for instance, but with my executable, the PDF reader objects "There is no application registered to open this file".

So I tried creating a test.sh file containing the command to open my solution


and after chmod +x test.sh, running

\href{run:test.sh}{Click here}

opens geany and shows the two lines of code.

Out of desperation I created a .desktop file with the order of executing test.sh and I can double click on it and it works, but I can't give the command to open it from within the PDF.

Any idea on how I can get the test.sh file to actually execute the commands inside, instead of showing the code, or equivalently to open my demo_poisson from a PDF?

  • What is the output of file demo_poisson? What permissions are set? – muclux Dec 12 '17 at 20:23

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