I'm emulating ARM virtual machines on x86_64. While commissioning those VMs, I'm hitting timeouts (after 20 mins) causing 'Failed commissioning' error. In /usr/share/maas/maas/settings.py, COMMISSIONING_TIMEOUT is set to 60 mins.

Is this a bug in MAAS or is there any other way to set its value?


It seems, commissioning_timeout in settings.py doesn't effect. It is hard coded within MAAS code. To change the timeout, I updated 'NODE_STATUS.COMMISSIONING' in /usr/lib/python3/dist-packages/maasserver/node_status.py Then restarted all maas services:

$ sudo systemctl restart maas-regiond maas-rackd maas-proxy maas-dhcpd

Note: MAAS version 2.1.2

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