I use Photoshop CC2014 via PlayOnLinux that simulates 32-bit Windows 7.

I need to use google fonts in Photoshop. I install them on Ubuntu, I install them in PlayOnLinux, I install them in Photoshop virtual drive on PlayOnLinux. Fonts still are invisible in Photoshop (however they are visible in Ubuntu generally). How can I install Google Fonts and have them available in Photoshop?


Wine gets its fonts from the following four places:

  • The standard system fonts are avilable at /usr/share/fonts. You can add fonts here by installing font packages from Software Center or by a ppa, if they're available.

  • Wine's private /usr/share/wine/fonts folder. You shouldn't add fonts here, but if you see a font in Wine and not in the system - it's probably here.

  • The .fonts folder in your Home directory. This is where you should manually copy self-installed fonts, either downloaded from the Internet or copied from a Windows install. If this folder is not available create a .fonts folder in your home and copy the fonts there.

  • The equivalent of the C:\Windows\Fonts folder within the current Wine prefix. Unless you specified the WINEPREFIX environment variable when running Wine, This will generally be located in~/.wine/drive_c/Windows/fonts.

So it would be a good bet to copy the fonts either in .fonts or ~/.wine/drive_c/Windows/fonts.

Source: Installing other fonts on wine

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