I created an apt-mirror on Ubuntu Server 16.04 for the purpose of running an offline apt server for local ubuntu clients in the office. I pulled down the latest xenial debs from the main archive, installed apache2, created my symbolic links to the directories but when I try to browse to http://localhost/ubuntu, I get nothing. I can browse to localhost directly and I get the Apache2 splash page, but I can't view the repository subdirectories.

Steps taken:

$apt-get install apt-mirror
$su - apt-mirror /etc/apt/mirror.list
$apt-get install apache2
$ln -s /var/spool/apt-mirror/mirror/archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/ /var/www/ubuntu

But when I try to browse, I get "Not Found".

Suggestions? What have I missed? From what I understand, it shouldn't be too hard to setup an apt-mirror.


Your link should be directed created at /var/www/html/ubuntu. The default Apache web root directory changed from /var/www to /var/www/html before the release of Ubuntu 14.04.

So your link creation command should be:

ln -s /var/spool/apt-mirror/mirror/archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/ /var/www/html/ubuntu

It may be necessary to restart the apache2 service after making this change.

  • There are so many tutorials that still point to the old location, it's an common gotcha to have to avoid. – Arronical Jan 26 '17 at 14:53

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