Is it possible to download a Deezer.com playlist using youtube-dl? I tried inputting the Deezer playlist link and it only downloads 30 second samples of the songs. Any way to get the full songs?


While youtube-dl have supported DeezerPlaylist, but unfortunately if you try download playlist from Deezer, it will only download preview version of 30 seconds of each file.

On their GitHub page, you can clearly saw several user desperately trying to get Deezer Playlist/Track working fully downloadable with youtube-dl. Some has opened new issues about it:

Nevertheless, an contributor has create a python script named deezer.py, you can consider try this script for downloading purpose. I don't know what the script does as there aren't description yet, moreover I'm not familiar with python.


Sadly, even deezer.py script unable to grab full length of track, someone has confirmed this:

Currently only 30 seconds previews are supported.

Duplicate of #10049.

So most likely you have to be patient, until youtube-dl developer support full track.

  • yes the Deezer.py script is the one I'm trying to figure out how to use :/ apparently it works for downloading playlists but I don't know Python at all so I don't even know where to start to use it for downloading playlists. I haven't found any info anywhere with help – Gerrit Botes Jan 25 '17 at 14:42

I posted a pull request for youtube-dl: https://github.com/rg3/youtube-dl/pull/13194, which adds full deezer support. It is based on an earlier version available, via tor, on http://haklab4ulibiyeix.onion/revres/DeezerDownloader/.

There is a separate script, which extract's mp3's from your browser's .har file ( saved from ctrl-shift-i - network debugger ). This works best from firefox, where the .har response size limit is user configurable.


  • how would one exactly use your DeezerDownloader python script? I downloaded the deezer-download.py and navigated cmd to the scripts folder then ran "python" through cmd and then executed "deezer-downloader.py deezer.com/track/109176408" and got this error : >>> deezer-downloader.py deezer.com/track/109176408 File "<stdin>", line 1 deezer-downloader.py deezer.com/track/109176408 ^ SyntaxError: invalid syntax – Gerrit Botes Jul 23 '17 at 17:04
  • You run python scripts from the commandline as python3 deezer-downloader.py http://deezer.com/artist/12312121. – revres Jul 29 '17 at 21:38

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