How to install Network Printer (Brother MFC-5890CN) in Ubuntu 11.10.

Anybody can help me to install this printer in Ubuntu 11.10?

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Brother have a fantastic compatibility linux drivers:

you have three ways to install a printer :

  1. Local Printer

in the principal page you can see a how to :


Printer (CUPS) : Driver Install | Print Command | More Information |

Printer (LPR) : Driver Install | Print Command | More Information |

go to this page :


download LPR and cupswrapper driver all available in .DEB format and install it, follow the brother instruction..

  1. Setup a Standalone Network Printer or Setup a Shared Windows Printer

Follow this guide

  • Thank you hhlp. I already install the Network printer in Ubuntu 11.10 I follow the Instruction in Brothersoft. I also installed the Scanner driver but I can't run the scanner driver automatically. When the time I use printer I use the command in Terminal "sudo brscan-skey" to scan. I already setup the auto start application using that command but when the pc restart it has no effect I manually use that command in Terminal in order to work the scanner in brothersoft.
    – jim
    Dec 16, 2011 at 3:35

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