I have a network with multiple computers (wireless, if that matters), and I am trying to set up XAMPP on one of the computers and access it on another one (both are using Ubuntu 16.04). I have XAMPP installed on the one I'd like to use as a server, and then I access it through SSH with X11 server clearance/permission:

ssh -X User@MyComputer

I then open a firefox window and enter the address http://localhost, and firefox says there's a problem loading page, unable to connect. I also notice that the firefox window that I have open remotely mimics the settings and browsing history of my local computer. Why is the remote instance of the browser mimicking my local instance? More importantly, how can I access the localhost page of my remote computer via SSH, if it's possible?


localhost means the same computer by definition. The correct way to address another computer is to use its network name like MyComputer or its IP address. So you should use http://MyComputer.

SSH is not related to HTTP connection, they are different application protocols. (There is a possibility to tunnel HTTP over SSH but it is absolutely not necessary for a local network.)

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