How to set Option 66 and Option 67 for DHCP in isc-dhcp-server?

  • 066 Boot Server Host Name
  • 067 Bootfile Name
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I should edit dhcpd.conf file

nano -w /etc/dhcp/dhcpd.conf

and to add the following entries for activating the option 66 and 67.

#option 66
option tftp-server-name "w.x.y.z";

#option 67
option bootfile-name "test.cfg";

Then to restart the DHCP Server.

sudo service isc-dhcp-server restart
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  • man dhcp-options option tftp-server-name text; This option is used to identify a TFTP server and, if sup- ported by the client, should have the same effect as the server-name declaration. BOOTP clients are unlikely to support this option. Some DHCP clients will support it, and others actually require it. – emoxam Apr 1 at 14:02

man dhcpd.conf

   next-server server-name;

   The next-server statement is  used  to  specify  the  host
   address  of  the  server  from which the initial boot file
   (specified in the filename statement)  is  to  be  loaded.
   Server-name  should  be  a  numeric IP address or a domain
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