I have a firewire soundcard (Phonic FireFly808 [not the "808-U" version!]) which I would like to use as my standard soundcard. From what I found out, it seems like only ffado could get this firewire card running. ffado only runs with jack, so I installed jack (which I wanted to use for realtime audio anyway). Now I can play sound via jack.

The next step would be to redirect all system sounds and the sound output of all applications to run through jackd. I searched the web for audio bridges, but I'm not even sure what sound system is used by Ubuntu 11.10 (which I re-installed 20min ago). There is Alsa, Pulseaudio, OSS and millions more and I'm lacking knowledge about the topic.

So after this long story my short question: How can I use jack for all my system sounds?

Thank you very much!

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Ubuntu uses PulseAudio for the default audio.

For info in intergrating with JACK:


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