I want to use my Android device like a wireless headset, I want to stream my audio output with VLC and listen to that with an Android app. How can I make this happen with VLC? and what app can I use on my Android device to listen to it?

Note that I want to stream the audio, not just music files.

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Like several other questions, you're essentially asking "How do I stream audio from my computer to my Android phone?"

The answer I would suggest is the one I've given in several other places: use IceCast. That solution takes all audio and pumps it out over the network. Then you can use any-old-Internet-radio client to pick it up.


I have tried streaming live cricket match to other systems in my dorm using VLC, but that was around 3 years back, you can refer this link for how it is done.



I really like Subsonic. It's cross-platform and has an Android app as well as a web interface. That way, you can control the music from the phone, and not have to run back to the server to change songs or whatever.


You should probably just use the Google Music or the WinAmp app. I use both of them for the same purpose as yours and I have had no problems.

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