I am learning the dpkg's usage. So, I am trying to install the wps-office package as example.

sudo dpkg -i wps-office_10.1.05672~a21.deb

which returns an error: Can not access the archive: No such file or folder What's wrong did I do?

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You must specify the absolute or relative path to the file. If you are running it from a terminal, and you are located in the file path, just run:

sudo dpkg -i ./wps-office_10.1.05672~a21.deb Note the ./

Otherwise, you could use:

sudo dpkg -i <path_to_file>/wps-office_10.1.05672~a21.deb where <path_to_file> could be something like /home/$USER/Documents


sudo dpkg -i ../../wps-office_10.1.05672~a21.deb if you are in a subfolder down two levels of the file folder.

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