I have gone through all of the previous threads, including all of the suggestions in the Completely Uninstall Android Studio thread, about uninstalling Android Studio and followed their directions and nothing helps. I installed Android Studio with the Standard installation but for a tutorial I'm following I need a Custom installation. I tried deleting the /android-studio folder along with the hidden /.android folder in my home directory and then re-extracting the folder from the original .zip file from here however every time I re-run the studio.sh file from my terminal it immediately restarts as was without re-installing. I have tried

sudo apt-get remove android-studio

and it tells me it cannot find the package. I've also tried every possible answer I've found so far including installing ubuntu-make and ppa:purge and nothing works. I can't even search for android studio in my task manager bar. I'm working on Ubuntu 16.04.

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    Possible duplicate of Uninstall Android Studio completely – user589808 Jan 17 '17 at 17:22
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    It's not a duplicate simply because none of those solutions worked for me. If I should add this into that thread, no problem. But since those solutions solved the other user's issue, I thought I should start a new thread because of that. – Dysupes Jan 17 '17 at 18:35
  • I know your pain. I already have at least 4 different instances of androadstudio, which show up all over my startmenu, my ppackage manager and mdyfilesystem. At this point the easiest way to get rid of them might actually be a full factory reset. – wotanii Jun 28 '17 at 10:54

For me (gnome-ubuntu 17.04) this got rid of all android-studio installations I could see:

rm ~/.local/share/applications/androidstudio.desktop
sudo rm -rf /opt/androsudoid-studio/
rm -rf ~/.android/
rm -rf ~/.AndroidStudio2.1/
rm -rf ~/.AndroidStudio2.3/
rm -rf ~/Android
sudo rm -rf /opt/android-studio-ide-143.2790544-linux.zip
rm -rf ~/.gradle

Note: for you the build- and version numbers are probably different.

After that I could do a clean re-install and finally got a clean, working android studio.

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