I tried using terminal but all I get is file or directory does not exist. The location on my computer is /snap/minetest-luk3yx/6/share/minetest/games/minetest_game/mods.

  • I want to put mods on my game in this folder.
  • I want to change ownership of the whole Minetest not just specific files in it.
  • I want them all to be under my ownership, so I can edit as I see fit. but it is under root ownership.

Please give step-by-step instructions.

I use Ubuntu 16.10.

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    If this is a game that is part of Ubuntu Snap, you should say so (and also use the Snap tag.)
    – user459652
    Jan 16 '17 at 3:37

The path you have specified is read-only, even to superuser, as shown at https://snapcraft.io/docs/reference/confinement. You should use a different path.

The correct location to store your data for this application is ~/snap/minetest-luk3yx/6. If there aren't folders named mods and games inside 6, you can create them.


try the command :

sudo chown <your username>:<your usergroup> -R <the path to the file><file name> 

this should make you the owner


if you just want to edit the file you can use

sudo chmod 775 <file path><file name>

this makes you read and write and execute the file so you can edit it easily .

  • as per OP, minetest has been installed using snap -- this means that it is inside a read only mounted SquashFS filesystem. the config file can be copied in /etc and then edited and the location of the new config file can be specified on the command line minetest --config Apr 26 at 16:16

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