I have a bash program with different stages like:


if [ stage -le 1]; then echo "execute stage 1" fi
if [ stage -le 2]; then echo "execute stage 2" fi
if [ stage -le 3]; then echo "execute stage 3" fi

my codes in stages are very computationally expensive. What I want is to execute those stages which are required.

How can I call stage 3 directly and skip stage 1 and stage 2 from command terminal in linux.


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    Change -le to -eq? BTW you need whitespace before the closing ]s – steeldriver Jan 15 '17 at 18:12
  • And how to call this script with stage 3: like the name of the script is stages.sh ? – ASAD Jan 15 '17 at 18:34

You could probably use a case statement for this one. Let's say we create a script called stage.sh, then it could be something like this:

case $1 in
        1) echo "stage 1" ;;
        2) echo "stage 2" ;;
        3) echo "stage 3" ;;
        *) echo "unknown stage" ;;

What it does is that it takes the first input ($1) when called from the command line and matches it with the case statement. Here, running ./stage.sh 1 would display stage 1, and ./stage.sh 5 would display unknown stage since there is no case match (so it will resort to the *) option).

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