I have a computer with Ubuntu 16.04 connected through HDMI to a TV. A couple of days ago it started to make popping/crackling noises at random intervals (average ~5s). While playing video (with vlc or any other video player), the popping stops, but the audio stutters at approximately the same intervals.

Some information that I've aquired:

  • The problem does not arise if I start my computer from "off"-state. Only if I resume from suspend (but this is what I want to do most of the time, out of practical reasons).
  • The popping only starts after I play a video. The problem persists even if I then close vlc, but doing pulseaudio --kill in a terminal stops the popping until I put on a new video.
  • It seems that the popping does not start by playing a youtube-video. But the audio does stutter.
  • Having PulseAudio Volume Control open actually supresses the pops, but the audio still stutters when I play a video.

Possible solutions I have looked at:

Does anyone know how to address this problem?

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