After installing updates my Ubuntu machine, a MacBook Pro, started booting to a black screen. After researching a bit the cause appears to be incompatible nvidia drivers, which didnt work even after reinstalling as suggested. I initially installed the nvidia drivers to get dual monitors working.

Does anyone know of compatible drivers for nvidia in a macbook pro running 16.04?


A partial solution to the black screen was to boot into Recovery Mode from GRUB, then select failsafeX. failsafeX brought up an error "system is running in low graphics mode" the only way to close the error was ctrl+alt+fn+f1 Then command prompt tries to run, but gets stuck; hitting ctrl+c exited this and booted into gui. From there uninstalling nvidia sudo apt-get purge nvidia* allowed the machine to boot again normally.

However, i now assume dual monitors will be broken again :(

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