Recently, I changed the system language in Ubuntu 16.04. from German to English. I was aksed whether I want to change the standard folder names from German to English (e.g. "Dokumente" to "Documents") which I agreed to. Now my desktop is empty and there are no files on it. If I open a terminal and enter cd Schreibtisch (Schreibtisch is the German name for "Desktop") I can still change to the old path. However, the other German paths, apparently, have been deleted/properly renamend. I have two questions on this matter:

1.) Why did the files not get transfered to "Desktop" from "Schreibtisch"? 2.) Is there a way to move all files at once from ~/Schreibtisch to ~/Desktop?


The behavior you describe is intentional. Empty standard folders are simply renamed, while non-empty are not. The reason is to not break the old file paths automatically. New files saved to ~/Desktop will end up in the new folder.

You can easily move the files; a command line way to do it is:

mv ~/Schreibtisch/* ~/Desktop

When you have made sure that all the files were moved correctly, you can remove ~/Schreibtisch.

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