I've been advised to check some log files in the flaky 14.04 pre-installed by Dell on my Inspiron 15-3552 laptop. I've booted from a 14.04 live-USB but I reckon the folders shown under Files/Computer are the ones in the temporary Ram-held OS as the edit to /etc/rc.local to disable Bluetooth on startup, which I made before the OS went flaky, is absent. I guess it's necessary to use Terminal, but how do I get to the correct /var/log/apt folder which holds the log files relating to the OS on the HDD?


Mount the root partition of the internal drive at /mnt,

sudo mount /dev/sdxn /mnt

where x is the drive letter (x = a for the first drive), and n is the partition number (often n = 1 or n = 5), so for example

sudo mount /dev/sda1 /mnt

The following command line

sudo ls -l /mnt/var/log/apt

will list the files in the folder you want to examine.

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If you want a command-line solution, try this -

You must first identify the partition you need to mount. You can do that using the program gparted or the command lsblk. It will be of the format sdXY where X is a letter and Y is a number.

Once you have identified the partition, you can mount it as follows.

Create a mount point sudo mkdir /media/mount

Mount the partition sudo mount /dev/sdXY /media/mount

Now you can use nano to look at the logfiles nano /media/mount/var/log/[directory of interest]/[logfile of interest]

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