I am using an Asus C200 chromebook running Ubuntu 16.04, and I want to know how to remap the F10 button to Volume up, and F9 button to volume down.


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This worked for me:

cd /usr/share/X11/xkb/symbol Make a copy of the file srvr_ctrl somewhere you can restore it if you want

Open it with your favorite editor using sudo sudo vim srvr_ctrl

Change the lines symbols[Group1]= [ F10, F10, F10, F10, XF86_Switch_VT_10 ] To symbols[Group1]= [ XF86AudioRaiseVolume, F10, F10, F10, XF86_Switch_VT_10 ] And symbols[Group1]= [ F9, F9, F9, F9, XF86_Switch_VT_9 ] To symbols[Group1]= [ XF86AudioLowerVolume, F9, F9, F9, XF86_Switch_VT_9 ] Now save, exit, and re-login to your account

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