I know this is a repetitive question but I've read most of them and I am no closer to figuring it out than I was yesterday. Brand new install, grabbed IP via DHCP. OK it has network connectivity. Need to set to a static IP so I would normally go in and edit the etc/network/interfaces location via nano but the location does not exist???

I can glean IP info from the system and network-manager via nmcli, ifconfig.....etc

Where do I go from here, i'm stumped

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    Is it a real server, or have you added a desktop interface? How exactly are you trying to edit the file (sudo nano /etc/network/interfaces - note, the leading slash is important). – steeldriver Jan 11 '17 at 2:34
  • That might be the issue, worked trying this morning, was forgetting the "/" before etc......it's been awhile I guess. THANKS – ECI Jerry Jan 11 '17 at 11:12