I'm using xmonad in Ubuntu Oneiric without the Unity desktop. In 11.04 I launched manually the gnome-power-manager for controlling the laptop battery but in the new Ubuntu this application is no longer available.

Which application controls now the power management in Ubuntu?


Many of the individual applications that you previously saw in the system settings you saw in Natty (11.04) have now been gathered together under the banner of the gnome-control-center

Thus to launch the Power Manager from the command line you need to run

gnome-control-center power

The way I found this was to run gnome-control-center - double click on the setting you want and then type ps -ef | grep gnome-control-center to see what the process is being run e.g.

ps -ef | grep gnome-control-center
dad       2158  1592  0 21:07 ?        00:00:00 gnome-control-center power

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