I’m running Ubuntu Gnome, and I installed the Terminal theme Gogh. However, while the background color has changed, the color of commands didn’t. Why not?

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    Go to preferences in the terminal, then, profiles, new and then colours. Set pallet under built in schemes to the theme you installed. I think this is about right, I can't check exactly because on mobile.
    – Mark Kirby
    Jan 8, 2017 at 9:41

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You can write colors configuration in .bashrc file. There are several places to set the colors (for example, there is dircolors, in /usr/bin/ binary file to set the colors for dir, setvtegb file to set the virtual terminal colors etc.). You can also create your own .dircolors file in your home directory.

For the terminal, it has its own color config files. For ls, it has its own color config file, for any other component, which requires color profiles, they each have their own color config files. So, you need to dig more into it from your own operating system.

To dig more into it, do type

apropos "terminal colors" //apropos - search the whatis database for strings

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