Somehow my ubuntu got confused and it set the time a month ahead. apt-daily.timer got triggered and run at the false time. Now the time is correct but as the timer ran in the future, systemctl list-timers say apt-daily.timer will run again in a month!

I need to find a way to solve this.

I've looked at the wrong column -last- in systemctl list-timers.

I should have looked at "next". As the answer, I guess it got corrected automatically. So the question was tainted. I am sorry.

I guess stopping and starting resets the timer too.


I would expect timers to be corrected automatically but as you indicate this is not happening try:

systemctl stop apt-daily.timer
systemctl start apt-daily.timer
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    The answer is correct, but my question was tainted, sorry about that, fixing it right now. I checked out the wrong column in systemctl list-timers, last run. I should've checked next. I've reboot and restarted the timer, It is planned correctly now. Thank you. – Artyom Jan 7 '17 at 19:01

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