I am running a fresh install of Ubuntu 16.04 (alongside Windows 10) on a brand new(ish) Toshiba laptop. Everything was working fine until I installed Bioshock Infinite from Steam and when I ran it I got an error saying that my graphics driver did not support OpenGL 4.1. My graphics card is Nvidia 930M.

So I did a search and found this post: Steam and OpenGl 4.1. I followed the instructions there and installed the repository ppa: oibaf/graphics-drivers.

After the restart all menus were simply black rectangles, the Terminal window was completely black and there were large black borders around windows. This problem appears on several other posts. I followed all of the instructions in these (such as remove Nvidia and reinstall, remove the above repository, etc.). But to no avail. I am also surprised how little help this problem has received from the community. (See for example: Black border in all menus and black terminal after installing Katoolin).


I am happy to say that by installing the latest Nvidia drivers I solved the problem. Here's what I did.

I followed the instructions from here to find and install the latest driver for Nvidia.

I then went into system settings -> software&updates -> additional drivers and selected the latest proprietary Nvidia driver I just installed and clicked apply changes. At this point a black dialog box comes up asking for your password. Just blindly enter your password and press enter. Then restart.

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