Firstly, this question is not a duplicate of anything like https://softwarerecs.stackexchange.com/questions/18650/software-to-make-khan-academy-style-video-tutorials-on-ubuntu , as some may think

Secondly, I tried to record some videos using xournal. I want to have no menus, no UI in the video, canvas only. I also want my video to have 1280x720 dimensions (I have a 1366x768 laptop display and I'd like not to use a second hardware display).

The problem is that I can't use menus without showing them in the screen recording area. What can I do?

I thought that there should be a program which allows user to record working area only.

P.S. I've tried using simplescreenrecorder and it has a video upscale option. And I don't really understand what it does. Is it better to upscale it in the program (record in 854x480 and upscale to 1280x720) or is it better to send the 854x480 to YouTube?

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