I'm at a conference and using the local Wi-Fi network. The internet connection is working, but any attempt at installing packages using Apt results in the installation halting at 0% [Waiting for headers]. On a different Wi-Fi network, the installation proceeds successfully (the hotel Wi-Fi). Why might it be stopping? Assuming I have no control over the Wi-Fi network, how can this be addressed?


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Most likely, that represents a network issues on the Wifi. Maybe the router have sort of ACL list.

You can check for the connectivity by running mtr tool, and ping actual repos. F.E:

apt-get install mtr
mtr ppa.launchpad.net

And see where it get's blocked, is it dropping a connection somewhere.. Also, wireshark/tcpdump are good for resolving as well.

  • That would be interesting but if the user can't install updates, he can't install other software (from the repos) either. Installing everything while using other network should work though.
    – user589808
    Jan 4, 2017 at 17:40

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