I'm using Ubuntu 14.04 LTS and I must have done something to change how the Home folder opens, not sure what do.

When I open the Home folder it displays all files, even the hidden ones. I have used Ctrl+H to hide the files and clicked on the View and unchecked Show Hidden Files but once I close and open the file again it shows the hidden files. Not sure what to do.


Quick solution: Open a terminal and run gsettings set org.gnome.nautilus.preferences show-hidden-files false

Slow solution:

  1. Install dconf-tools via your favourite means (for example, running sudo apt install dconf-tools from the terminal)

  2. Open a terminal and run dconf-editor

  3. In the left hand panel, navigate to “org -> gnome -> nautilus -> preferences”

  4. In the right hand panel, find the "show-hidden-files" option, and change the value to False


First check your current setting in the terminal using:

$ gsettings get org.gnome.nautilus.preferences show-hidden-files

Then open nautilus (file manager) and select Edit then Preferences. On the screen that appears uncheck the "show hidden and backup files" option:

nautilus hide system files.png

Exit Nautilus and confirm the setting has changed using the command line:

$ gsettings get org.gnome.nautilus.preferences show-hidden-files

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