I am using Ubuntu 14.04.5. Everything was ok till yesterday. Today when I opened my laptop, some folder and files inside them were missing. I am quite sure I didn't deleted them. I deleted only one folder EAP4.0 . But all my important files were gone,from a specific folder. Also, it is notable that not all files and folders inside that folder are deleted.

I tried to recover files from testdisk after following links: How to recover deleted files in ubuntu using live usb? and Data Recovery From Accidentally Deleted Files or Crashed Drives in Ubuntu.

I got some data, but there were hundereds of .txt and .png files. None were of my use. I had lost some node and java projects which I wanted to recover. But it seems quite difficult to retrieve data from what is returned by TestDisk to me. There are 140 folders and hundreds of files inside them with random names.
I have googled a lot about this but only solution I got was to use TestDisk and photorec. But none seems to give proper folders. Is there any way I can recover my projects?

Also I am interested to know, How my files and folders were automatically deleted. I repeat, I am quite sure I did not deleted any of them. I am amused how the hell this could happen.

Any help will be appreciated. Thanks.

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