I need to open remote files with Kate. I am connected to remote server through SFTP in Krusader. When I open remote file with Kate, I got this error message:

Could not start process Unable to create io-slave: klauncher said: Unknown protocol 'sftp'. .

I was googling this error, but haven't found any solution :(

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    sshfs is an easy alternative, see stackoverflow.com/questions/39475747/… also, for me it works to type kate sftp://username@server/path/on/server on the command line while it does not work to open that path from the Open File dialog within Kate – Everyday Astronaut Aug 6 '18 at 5:27

I had to install kio-extras to get SFTP capability in Kate.

  • I assume your running KDE, it might be helpful to mention that in your answer. – Elder Geek Feb 10 '17 at 14:43
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    Kate is part of KDE. klauncher is part of KDE. kio is part of KDE. I'm actually running XFCE, but to use Kate, I have to have proper KDE libraries installed. – kainaw Feb 10 '17 at 14:59
  • So editing that information into your answer might be useful to those who aren't as knowledgeable as yourself wouldn't it? – Elder Geek Feb 10 '17 at 15:05
  • No. It wouldn't. The question isn't "How can I make Kate work in KDE?" The question is "How can I make Kate work?" Kate is part of KDE, but you don't have to run KDE to make Kate work. You can use Kate in Gnome if you like. I run it in XFCE. The solution to the problem is to install the dependency. For me, the dependency is a package named kio-extras - and I'm still not running KDE. I'm still running XFCE. – kainaw Feb 13 '17 at 18:04
  • Well, I think it's valuable information so I've upvoted your comment. I think we can agree to disagree on that point. – Elder Geek Feb 13 '17 at 19:04

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