I have lots of *.js files in subfolders and subsubfolders of my Node.js project which I have written recklessly, and now I'm looking for a tool that can iterate over all the files and beautify them.

I found js-beautify package but I'm not sure if it does what I want. Moreover, I doubt a node package is what I want. I think I need a software that I can call from the Ubuntu terminal.

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Vim supports formatting source code files with the commannd gg=G. gg is a (probably redundant) motion that jumps to the beginning of the file; = is the indent command, and the G motion means "execute until end of file". I know, it sounds like alien talk...

In order to execute this on many files, you can create a file and name it whatever you want, e.g. vim-indent.txt, inside which type the following:


with a trailing line-break.

Basically, this file contains a recording of keys we want to press upon running VIM. The :wq<ENTER> command means "write and quit", and it has to be terminated with a line-break. Without that, vim will just type the command and sit there waiting you to press enter manually.

You can then execute the script on a file like this:

vim -s vim-indent.txt your_file.js

The result is that VIM would open the file your_file.js and "press" all keys recorded in vim-indent.txt, the result of which is applying indentation, writing the file and quitting.

You can automate executing this command on an entire file tree using find:

find [path/to/your/directory] -type f -name '*.js' -exec vim -s vim-indent.txt "{}" \;

Note that it's highly recommended that you copy the entire directory, operate on the copy and check whether you like the result.

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