My connection is fine but when I open the software center, the install button is grey. It says I'm not connected.

I have tried the following:
*Reinstalling, updating and upgrading
*Changing server
*Rebooting computer (yes)

(update screenshot) https://s29.postimg.org/4jzr6zaef/sample.png


Try doing update via terminal first sudo apt-get update then upgrade everything sudo apt-get upgrade ,then run software-center and try again.


This is years after the fact, but I just came across this same issue, and resolved it with a tip found elsewhere.

In my case, it was resolved by going to terminal and using:

sudo apt purge update-manager update-manager-core && sudo apt install update-manager

It appears that there have been some updates to Update Manager, and this changed it's network checking behavior.
The only change log entry I could locate for networking was from late 2010 though.

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