Fairly new install of Ubuntu-mate yet I keep getting low disk space warnings for my root partition. When I select 'root' in my File System volume I cannot view the contents or get an accurate size. Is there a good 3rd party utility that helps remove unneccesary files in your root to reclaim space?

here is a similar question asked 3 years agao How to free space in root directory and delete unnecessary kernel files?

but I couldn't compile the Python utility and it is no longer being maintained.

  • please do a df -h and post the output here. – George Udosen Dec 23 '16 at 2:14

You don't need 3rd party utilities to clear space in your root directory.

Run this command in a terminal to see how much space is available in your root directory:

df -h

Your root directory is the one designated as "/" in the column "Mounted on".

The easiest way to clear up some space is to remove the cached .deb files of applications you installed. This can be done in a terminal, as follows:

sudo apt clean

Now run df -h again in a terminal and see if it made significant changes to your space availability.

  • sudo apt-get clean – DYZ Dec 23 '16 at 1:56

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