I was wondering how to make my website's url look from:




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If you're using Apache, check out mod_rewrite.


If you are using the Apache web server, this is a guide for beginners.

Basically you'll need these entries in the .htaccess file in your website root directory:

RewriteEngine On
RewriteRule ^(.*)$ /some_folder/$1 [NC,L]

Also you should turn off rewrite in /some_folder/ otherwise multiple rewrites can occur. So you'll need another .htaccess file in /some_folder/ with:

RewriteEngine Off

The above will have the effect of reaching all files in /some_folder/ as they were in /. E.g.:

/index.html -> /some_folder/index.html


  • mod_rewrite should be enabled to be able to rewrite URLs.
  • Make sure you do not create conflicts (e.g. identical file in both root and /some_folder/).
  • You need to allow FileInfo override for your website directory to be able to use .htaccess files.
  • Also using .htaccess files is a performance hit on web servers. See: Apache documentation how to avoid it.

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