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How to convert Wubi install into regular install?

I have three partitions,

File System: NTFS
Mount Point: /media/System Reserved
Size: 100 MiB
Free: 42.88 MiB
Flags: boot
I assume this to be the Windows boot loader

File System: NTFS
Mount Point: /media/6A1032D21032A54B
Size: 146.39 GiB
Free: 95.11 GiB
Which contains the Windows 7 Installation

File System: NTFS
Mount Point: /host
Size: 319.28 GiB Free: 289.18 GiB
Which contains only the 30 GiB Wubi install of Ubuntu.

What I want to do is,

  • shrink Windows to be only 100 GiB
  • Add the extra space onto /dev/sda3
  • Take some of that extra space and use it to create Swap Space
  • Take the 30GiB Wubi install and put it onto /dev/sda3 using the entire space.
  • Have a still functioning Ubuntu and Windows.

I am looking at using This Forum Post which uses wubi-move-2.1.sh

So my questions are:
if I was to use: sudo bash wubi-move-2.1.sh /dev/sda3 would that work or fail as it is the same partition as the virtual disk is on?

Obviously that would create it without swap as well, Would I be safe to in Gparted from the Wubi Install resize /dev/sda1 and create /dev/sda4 as swap? or would that kill my windows 7 Install?

If I did as mentioned above, could I resize /dev/sda3 from Gparted from within the Wubi install as it is the partition with the virtual disk for Wubi?

With the assumption of nothing going wrong with the above, or of course booting off the live ubuntu cd would this procedure work:

  • In gParted:
    • Resize /dev/sda2 to 100.00 GiB
    • Resize /dev/sda3 to 355.67 GiB
    • Create /dev/sda4 with 10GiB (I have 4GB Ram)
  • Run sudo bash wubi-move-2.1.sh /dev/sda3 /dev/sda4
    or sudo bash wubi-move-2.1.sh --root-disk=/media/whatever_mounted_as/root.disk /dev/sda3 /dev/sda4 if run from live CD

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