I have looked all over the settings for a way to change the sound theme, but I can't find one. There is one spot in the settings where you can choose an alert sound, but that doesn't look like it would be what I want and it only gives the option of default. I have the Unity Tweak Tool,but there are no sound options present there. I downloaded a theme and placed the theme folder in /usr/share/sounds, but I don't know where to choose the theme.

This is for Ubuntu 16.04 and not a duplicate but its very similar.


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I think you need to use the dconf editor. If it isn't already installed;

sudo apt-get install dconf-editor

Then from the editor GUI, navigate to;

org > gnome > desktop > sound

You can set the theme name there. (Well, you can on Xubuntu 16.04, which is what I use).

  • This is a very good answer! Commented Mar 4, 2019 at 23:58
  • WARNING: Be cautious while using dconf-editor, incorrect usage may break your system. Source
    – Abhi
    Commented Dec 6, 2019 at 7:46

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