One of the features I've missed in Windows 7 is that you can pin your favourite files to the application icon's right click menu. Luckily, I've since discovered, that you can create so called "actions" in a particular application's desktop file, so you can access your desired files by right clicking on the application icon by adding the following lines to the .desktop file:


[Desktop Action Action 1]
Name=Name which appears in right click menu
Exec=gedit "path/to/file"

[Desktop Action Action 2]

And so on.

However, upgrading to Ubuntu 16.04 while this works with other application icons, with Gedit now it doesn't behave accordingly. Unless I open the application beforehand, using the right click menu items detaches the Gedit task icon from the dash locked icon. Image:

This is what it looks:

The upper one is the locked dash icon, accessible by SUPER-9, and the lower one is what opened when clicked on the one of the right click items of the dash locked icon. Because of that, I can't switch to gedit with the SUPER-9 keystroke, it creates a new document in it instead.

  • Which one did you edit, the original one in /usr/share/applications, or a local copy in ~/.local/share/applications. Also Please edit and add the output of both: find /usr/share/applications -name *gedit* and find ~/.local/share/applications -name *gedit* – Jacob Vlijm Dec 20 '16 at 16:20

The solution is to use the xdg-open instead of gedit in the Exec command of the action. Example:

[Desktop Action Action 1]
Name=My bookmarks
Exec=xdg-open "Documents/my_bookmarks"

Tip: if you want to open more than one files with a right-click menu, you can't do it directly in the desktop file because xdg-open doesn't allow opening multiple files in one command. You have to make a shell script, with a for loop, like this:

for i in "Documents/document 1.txt" "Documents/document 2.txt"; do
   xdg-open "$i"

Put the script in your scripts directory, and use that in your desktop action's Exec line.

  • This answer makes no sense. Like you posted it, it cannot possibly work. Furthermore; apart from the typo(s) in the Exec= line, the cause is a totally different one. – Jacob Vlijm Dec 20 '16 at 16:23
  • Why wouldn't work? Changing gedit to xdg-open in the actions solved the issue for me. However I've noticed the Exec typos, so I've fixed it. – Negirno Dec 21 '16 at 14:57

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