• I have keys setup on my Linux headless server and Putty on my Windows Desktop.

  • I can connect and authenticate successfully with Putty and authentication is via RSA Keys.

However, if I disable password authentication in sshd_config (PasswordAuthentication no) when I try and connection with Putty I get:

Server refused our key

And yet, if I then enable password authentication again, the key authentication works!

In addition, if I reset permissions of the /.ssh folder and authorized keys to 0700 and 0644, respectively.

I am able to disable password authentication and use the RSA Keys only until system reboot which then returns server refused our key again....


I had the home directory encrypted, this seems to have been the cause. I re-installed and set up SSH again and it worked fine, as soon as the home directory is encrypted, ssh keys won't work without enabling password authentication in sshd.config - must be a workaround for this but for now this works for me.

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