After two days of googling and searching askubuntu i decided to start a thread.

Here's my problem:

I recently exchanged my server (running Lubuntu 12.04 with ssh service and a game service) for a newer one (running Lubuntu 16.04). The network card stays the same, I built it in the new server. After setting up the new server with those two services I could only connect from inside the LAN. Everytime I tried connecting with my mobile data the connection timed out. GRC's ShieldsUP! shows the two ports i use as Stealth, other ports as Closed.

Here's what I've tried:

  • Connecting my old server again - both services worked, ShieldsUP shows the ports as Open, so Port forwarding and DNS resolving can't be the problem.
  • disabling ufw (is there another sort of firewall which could be blocking ports?)
  • enabling ufw and allowing the Ports

I've found the answer, the problem was just a faulty routing table. It preferred the wired network card over the Wi-fi card i was actually using.


route del -net gw netmask dev enp0s10

did it for me.

  • I would mark this as answered, but askubuntu won't let me for the next two days. I won't delete the thread though, might be helpful for someone. – HighDraw Dec 19 '16 at 0:15

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