I want to use LVM snapshots for backing up my system.

I have two LVM volumes called "root_lv" and "home_lv" in the volume group called "myvol". I've created root directory snapshot

sudo lvcreate -s -l 70G -n rootsnap /dev/myvol/root_lv

After that I mounted it to /mnt:

sudo mount /dev/myvol/rootsnap /mnt

I expected that that command would create backup of my snapshot except /home, /media and etc.

sudo tar -cvpzf rootbackup.tar.gz --exclude=/proc --exclude=/sys --exclude=/mnt --exclude=/media --exclude=/run --exclude=/dev --exclude=/lost+found --exclude=/3GB.swap --exclude=rootbackup.tar.gz /mnt

But tar said that it could not create an empty archive. The only way I can create backup that way is chroot'ed to /mnt and run command from there.

What have I done wrong?

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You are getting the error because you are asking it to archive /mnt, and then telling it to exclude /mnt with the option --exclude=/mnt which excludes everything, hence there is nothing in the archive and you get the error message.

If i understand what you are doing correctly, you should drop the --exclude=/mnt option.


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