I SSH into my Ubuntu 16.04 VPS from Windows10 via Putty.

In my system, if I just do nano filename and then / it will exit; If I do so nano filename modify the document even with 1 letter and then do / it will ask me if I want to save changes before exit. You get the idea.

sudo apt-get upgrade && sudo apt-get update && reboot, didn't make any change so it's not a bug and I think I have something fucked up in the system.

Here I didn't find a solution, as it talks about backslashes but not on forward slashes (I can use backslashes just fine). The answer says it's a matter of keyboard layout for the guy but my Windows 10 keyboard layout is first and foremost English-US... And, I now saw that my Ubuntu 16.04 keyword layout is the standard Linux kernel keyboard layout, so I left it as is.

Moreover, the problem doesn't happen in my local WSL-Ubuntu on Win10, so it proves the problem is not keyboard or keyboard-layout related.

The SSH connection is just fine. I basically have no problems with my droplet/sites or anything.

I tried to uninstall and reinstall nano via sudo apt-get purge nano && sudo apt-get install nano. It didn't help as well.

Milestone 1 - The problem seems to be Putty-based:

I host my sites at DigitalOcean.com (DO in short). When I log in to my DO VPS (DO droplet in DO's terminology) from Putty, the problem occurs, but when I log in from the native DO console, the problem does not occur.

Here are my Putty-login's default keyboard settings, I will now try to change them but I paste the original here in any case:

enter image description here


Going to features, and checking Disable application keypad mode, in Putty, seems to solve it:

enter image description here

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