I Just got a Rubik's futuro cube, and wanted to download the RFCsuite so i could start to program my own projects. I went online and it gave me these instructions:

Installation instructions -- Ubuntu

Install python packages:

sudo apt-get install python ipython python-imaging python-serial python-wxgtk2.8

In case of x64 system install i386 compatibility packages:

sudo apt-get install ia32-libs

Add udev rules file (to avoid conflict with modemmanager):

sudo sh -c 'echo SUBSYSTEM==\"tty\", ATTRS{idVendor}==\"0483\", ATTRS{idProduct}==\"a0a2\", ENV{ID_MM_CANDIDATE}=\"0\" >


Add user to dialout group to grant access to /dev/ttyACM* devices:

sudo usermod -aG dialout <username>

In some cases restart of x-session is needed to change of group (above) take an effect.

To launch application use


Tested on Ubuntu 12.04 64 bit, LinuxMint 15: Olivia (x86-64) Expected to work on Ubuntu 12.04 32 bit, Ubuntu 12.10 32/64 bit

I copied the first line into terminal (i.e sudo apt-get install python ipython python-imaging python-serial python-wxgtk2.8). I had just finished that when i realised that I should probably wait for my IT teacher to help me.

I used

sudo apt-get remove python ipython python-imaging python-serial python-wxgtk2.8

But then It suddenly started to delete everything! I killed the window and reinstalled what it had deleted (apart from software centre). I thought it was all right but when I restarted my laptop, the launcher, switcher and menu bar was gone!! I can access terminal using tty1. What can I do?

  • re-install desktop and see if it fixes it. – George Udosen Dec 13 '16 at 15:22

python is a required package for Ubuntu. Many of Ubuntu components are built using python.

I assume you have standard Ubuntu release (Unity), to fix it reinstall all missing packages using:

sudo apt-get install ubuntu-desktop

If you have different release, here all available meta packages:

~$ apt-cache search .*ubuntu-desktop
ubuntu-desktop - The Ubuntu desktop system
edubuntu-desktop - educational desktop for Ubuntu
kubuntu-desktop - Kubuntu Plasma Desktop/Netbook system
lubuntu-desktop - Lubuntu Desktop environment
qtubuntu-desktop - Qt plugins for Ubuntu Platform API (desktop)
ubuntu-desktop-mir - System compositor for Ubuntu Desktop
xubuntu-desktop - Xubuntu desktop system
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