How do I make a bootable Flash drive (USB type) with this file:

Link to Lenovo SSD firmware update tool ISO image.

I tried this: Use gparted to format to fat32 (on an MBR device). This format is fast. (Edit: I also used Ubuntu's Disks utility to do a slow format. It makes no difference.) Then I used unetbootin (from the Ubuntu Software Center) to flash the device. When I boot the device it just shows a screen that has one option called "default" and it counts down from 10 and repeats in an infinite loop.

I suspect that the following command can tell you if this image file is meant for "cloning".

isohybrid fwss31.iso

isohybrid: fwss31.iso: unexpected boot catalogue parameters

I think this error message means that the Lenovo SSD firmware update tool file is not meant for cloning. I think that if it's not meant for cloning then unetbootin is an appropriate tool if it would only work.


The problem with the "isohybrid" answer and the many identical suggestions for that command that google will produce is that the file you're talking about has everything in what's called the "El Torito" boot sector of the iso 9660 image. This is why if you just mount the file, like so

sudo mount file.iso /cdrom

You'll see that there's nothing there, no space available, and all the space used. This magic is made possible by the mysterious El Torito Boot sector.

So how do you get that?

We'll use yet another tool, in debian it's genisoimage. The program you need in this package is called geteltorito.

Now do something like this:

$ geteltorito XXX.iso > XXX.finally_working_gahhhhhh.img
$ sudo dd if=XXX.finally_working_gahhhhhh.img of=/dev/sdb

And finally, there we go. We can now move on with our lives. Yay!

Note: Thanks to this blog which finally gave me the secret here.


unetbootin & USB disk creator could be used only with live Linux images.

  • You may use dd, but it is dangerous. Check very well the target disk, use fdisk -l or gnome-disks.

    sudo dd if=fwss31.iso of=/dev/sdX
  • Another option (GUI) is Rosa ISO USB Image Writer from Parrot distribution site

  • From Wikipedia: "UNetbootin (Universal Netboot Installer) is a cross-platform utility that can create live USB systems and can load a variety of system utilities or install various Linux distributions and other operating systems without a CD." By that description a utility such as the Lenovo Flash update tool which is an ISO image is not excluded.
    – H2ONaCl
    Dec 19 '16 at 3:04
  • @H2ONaCl, I had seen some cases where unetbootin created usb couldn't boot, for Parrot distribution image. I agree to they list here some non-linux images unetbootin.github.io . Better, to test it and see.
    – user.dz
    Dec 19 '16 at 7:57

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