I've formatted my computer, I saved my files in this disk, after install Ubuntu I can't access the disk.

enter image description here

when I try to access this disk, it says

This location could not be displayed you do not have the permission to view the content

enter image description here

How to open the disk?

  • If you type 'mount' in a terminal when the disk is plugged in, what is the output?
    – Kyle H
    Dec 9, 2016 at 14:12

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If you don't have permissions to see a drive, you can set permissions as root in the terminal: (Change "user" with your Linux user)

# chown -R user:user /media
# chmod -R 775 /media

EDIT: Although I was happy to help you and solve the problem, I must also say that this could also be a security breach as long as everyone else in the computer can see and run every media file inside the /media tree path.

If you have more users, or simple want to keep your files away from other's eyes, check the meaning of the permissions and set them accordingly.

For example: chmod -R 750 to be allowed to do everything to your files; everyone else in your user group, can watch and run; and the rest, well, could not even watch if there is any folder, even less what stuff there is inside them (again, unless you give them permissions).

  • thank you, you saved my life! or at least, you saved me from thinking my life was over Sep 24, 2022 at 13:46

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