Recently I have configured a Gitlab Runner on a VM and I wanted to add keychain on that VM to allow runner to execute commands like scp or SSH without exposing my SSH passphras (https://www.cyberciti.biz/faq/ssh-passwordless-login-with-keychain-for-scripts/)

And when I install gitlab-multi-runner (https://docs.gitlab.com/runner/install/linux-repository.html) I see a new folder "gitlab-runner" in my /home.

So I added a password to this user (passwd command), edit its .bash_profile as described in the link above, and generate new SSH keys.

My runner is working fine, my .gitlab-ci.yml can execute scp commands like this :

scp jon.doe YOUR_LOGIN@DEV_SERVER_ADDRESS:/var/www/

No passphrase required / exposed.

So here my questions:

  1. Is it safe to configure runner like this ?
  2. Is there an official or better way, to do what i want ? (use SSH and SCP safely with a gitlab-runner)

I think there should be no problem, but I'm not an expert in Linux and SSH so...

Thanks for your answers !


Is it safe to configure runner like this ?

If only you are running the jobs it is ok.

If somebody else (you don't trust) can push any arbitrary command into your .gitlab-cy.yml, he can basically run any arbitrary code on your virtual machine and on your other machine (which is certainly not what you want).

You should restrict your remote user YOUR_LOGIN on your dev server to do the minimum needed by ForceCommand (scponly or just the forced command to scp into specific directory), block port forwarding and possibly use chroot.

  • Thanks, it's exactly what i wanted. But I believe I only can use ForceCommand with internal-sftp and not scp. But chroot and block port forwarding is what I should do =) More info : passingcuriosity.com/2014/openssh-restrict-to-sftp-chroot – Charley C. Dec 9 '16 at 14:21
  • With sftp, it would be easier (with better performance). For scp, there is utility scponly to set as user shell. – Jakuje Dec 9 '16 at 14:22

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