While testing the media keyboard shortcuts for various players, I change the hotkeys to keystrokes. Now I'm trying to get them back to the defaults.

The prompt shows options for either setting a new key by hitting the keystroke, or to clear the setting by hitting the backspace. I don't see an option to change it to the default.

The defaults have words, for instance the Play (or play/pause) has the words, Audio play and the Pause playback has the words Audio pause.

I'm trying to get the default settings back where it has the words. Some of the media apps don't work well with the keystrokes I have assigned.


The shortcut setting are stored/saved on org.gnome.settings-daemon.plugins.media-keys

  1. Install Dconf editor Install banshee
  2. Launch dconf Editor
  3. Navigate to org > gnome > settings-daemon > plugins > media-keys

The entry that involving media shortcut is:


Select desired entry, then press "Set to Default" button to reset each entry.

enter image description here

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