Ubuntu 16.04 LTS, Archive Manager 3.16.5

I believe I have uncovered an error with Archive Manager. I do not know where to report errors so I am reporting it here. Perhaps some kind sole can verify it is an error and let me know where to properly report it.

  1. From Files, right-click on a single file and select context menu item "Compress...".
  2. Modify the archive filename as desired. Select archive type .zip. Do not specify a password. Click the "Create" button.
  3. Open the newly created archive and delete the single file it contains.
  4. Select Archive manager menu item Edit > Set Password...
  5. Enter the desired password and click the "Save" button. At this point a dialog appears with the following error message:

    Could not create the archive

    Error when getting information for file '/home/John/Documents/Personal/.fr-Gr7BGf/junk.zip': No such file or directory

The file '/home/John/Documents/Personal/junk.zip' does exist and is open. The "/.fr-Gr7BGf" part has been mistakenly put into the file path resulting in the error message. (The password did not contain "/.fr-Gr7BGf".)

I realize it is not common to ask for a password protected archive with no contents. But to me this error indicates a string over running its intended memory which should probably be corrected.

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To find out how report a bug read Reporting Bugs. Follow the process described under Reporting non-crash hardware and desktop application bugs. You will need a Launchpad account.

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